Discover the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom


Discover the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who are expecting their first child
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The couple formed by Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom aroused the attention of the whole world. Discover the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

When it comes to two beautiful and talented people who start a love story, they always cause a certain emotion on the media and social networks. Recently they shared the great news with all their fans… and with all fathers and mothers, so that they can give them valuable advice to face this new stage of their lives.

At Little News Online, We want to share information about the love story between the famous singer and the successful actor, who have overcome all the obstacles in their path to get where they are today.

The beginning of their idyll

In 2016, Cupid began to throw his arrows on both sides. That same year, the two stars were seen together for the first time, when they met at the Golden Globes ceremony, where they discussed very cheerfully. Subsequently, photos taken during their vacation in Kauai, north Hawaii, confirmed the rumor: there was love in the air!

Everything was not easy

Everything was not easy

The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel
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But not everything was going to remain a simply beautiful memory. A year later they were seen together during the filming of Carnival Row, a series in which Orlando Bloom played. And since then, they have not left each other, both during an audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican and at a gala organized in Monaco at the edge of the oceans, where prince Albert and Princess Charlene were also present.

“Total flowering”

But the story did not end there. On February 15, 2019, social networks ignited when they heard the news: Katy and Orlando were engaged the day before, on February 14, at the valentine’s day. The next day, Katy shared a photo with a caption: “total bloom”, referring to the surname of her future husband (the term bloom means “flowering” in English). It revealed a diamond ring in the shape of a flower, whose price is estimated at five million dollars. The jewel is one of a kind, it is composed of a four-carat pink oval diamond and eight white diamonds surrounding it. Their subscribers were really happy for them.

The vagaries of life

The wedding was scheduled for December 2019, but for reasons of location, since it was to be celebrated in Japan, they decided to postpone it. However, this did not affect the happiness of the couple. Recently, the clip of the song Never Worn White not only reaffirmed that their idyll had the wind in its sails but also shared the good news: Katy Perry is pregnant. In the video, we can see the future mom with a white dress that let’s see her belly and at the end, a moving scene where she caresses her belly. She even confirmed it on her social networks: the first baby of the couple will not take long to point the tip of his nose.

A second chance for love

Discover the love story between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The future baby will be Orlando Bloom’s second child. The first, Flynn Christopher Bloom, came from his first union with the model Miranda Kerr, with whom he was married for three years. Katy Perry will also be her second marriage. She got married to Russell Brand, actor and presenter of British television. These two breakups were devastating for Katy and Orlando, but that didn’t stop them from giving themselves another chance and celebrating the love life has given them.

However, this is not the end of this story, it is simply the happy continuation of a relationship that has experienced chaotic beginnings, but has now consolidated with the arrival of a new member who is on his way to complete the family. Anyway, the year 2020 will be a year of many positive changes for their couple.

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