How Jennifer Aniston Helpe Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez: How Jennifer Aniston Helped Her After Breaking Up With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez: How Jennifer Aniston Helped Her After Breaking Up With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez recently confided in her breakup with Justin Bieber. Among other things, she reveals that this break broke her heart. Find out how unexpected help pushed him to overcome this milestone.

Selena Gomez confided in herself several days ago

Broken by her relationship with Justin Bieber, the famous singer confided in herself several days ago. Why indulge now? Why stir the knife in the wound if the rupture was so unfortunate for Selena Gomez? So many questions that fans are entitled to ask. In any case, the breakup of the young woman with Justin Bieber dates. Just like that of Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt too.

However, Selena Gomez never hid that she idolized Jennifer Aniston. After all, she is part of that generation that was fascinated by the beauty of the actress of Friends. Yes, the singer of “Lose you to love me” had so much admiration that the first time she had seen Jennifer Aniston, she hid.

And yet, the two women share a similar experience of painful separation with a famous partner. Justin Bieber for Selena Gomez, and Brad Pitt for Jennifer Aniston. Maybe that’s what brought the two women together. After all, the experience is devastating, and Selena Gomez seems to have struggled to recover.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston, who also went through a similar experience with Brad Pitt, was invaluable to Selena Gomez. Indeed, from her previous experience, she surely found the right words to reassure the interpreter of “Feel me”. It’s rumored that Jennifer has to love herself. Indeed, the singer still considered herself a child, and perhaps she took the advice of Jennifer Aniston as that of a mother.

Indeed, she surely identified herself with the experience of her idol. This allowed him to better accept the advice of the actress. Either way, we’re delighted to see Selena Gomez showing up again in public. She will surely show more self-acceptance, and we are delighted.