Joey King says she won’t date another actor in the relationship


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I think it’s great to date someone in your field who understands but doing the exact same thing as someone is tough. It’s really tough

Ever since The Kissing Booth 2 let down the personal lives of its stars, Joey King (Elle Evans), Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn), and Taylor Zakhar Perez (Marco Valentin Peña) have been examined under a microscope.

From rumors that Joey King and Taylor Zakhar Perez are dating (they aren’t, FYI) to the drama surrounding a tweet Joey sent about Jacob, the internet is just licking all the Kissing Booth tea right now.

Well, in the latest turn of events Joey just said that she’s not ready to date another actor after she split with Jacob. As you know, the couple quietly went out after meeting on the first Kissing Booth movie and went their separate ways in 2018. Although this certainly didn’t affect their work and there was absolutely no bad blood between the two, another romance with an actor is still not on the cards for Joey anytime soon.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi
Joey King and Jacob Elordi. Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Jesse Grant/WireImage

 I think it is a good thing that we dated. I learned the foremost that I ever learned in his life from him, ”she said in an interview with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

When asked if she would ever date another actor, she replied, “No, I could not. I feel it’s great so far someone in your field who understands but does precisely the same as someone is hard. It’s really tough. ”Phew, sorry shippers Joey and Taylor.

Fans have speculated if Joey and Taylor are a thing after appearing to be getting closer during the coronavirus lockdown. Taylor has previously stated that he and Joey aren’t together, but that he “would like” so far Joey.

Speaking on Barstool Sports’ Chicks In The Office podcast, he said: “It’s been interesting how everyone has been trying to make something out of it but it’s fine. I mean, hey, I would love to be dating Joey King, she’s dope.”