Ariana Grande Could Be Releasing New Album On The Way?



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if you’ve been keeping an eye fixed on Ariana Grande’s social media pages in the week, you’ll have noticed that she’s hinting at new music.
So we rounded up all the explanations why we expect AG6 is coming before we expect.
Alright, so over the past couple of years, we’ve been blessed with not one but TWO Ariana Grande albums.


awaiting her next big project.
And now, it looks like AG6 is really within the works.
Last year, Ariana teased that she’s been performing on new songs because quote, “making
songs are literally the thing that brings my heart and soul SOOO MUCH JOY and SOLACE.”
At the time, she said what she was performing on had nothing to try to to with AG6.
And that totally could’ve been true because since then, she’s released two huge songs,
Stuck With U with Justin Bieber and Rain On Me with Lady Gaga.
She also even helped write Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK’s song frozen dessert.
But as of recently, Ariana has been dropping hints that she’s performing on more new music of her own.
She’s shared photos and videos within the studio.

 And Ari’s shared multiple pics from her past tour saying what proportion she misses it.

But things reached a replacement level in the week when she revealed that she is actually performing on new music that would definitely be a neighborhood of AG6.
On Instagram, Ari shared this video of some audio tracks writing “brb” because of the caption.

She also left some clues on Twitter.
First of all, she removed Rain On Me from her bio, leading some fans to believe she
is preparing to enter her next era.
And she also removed it from her IG page.
And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, Ariana also took to Twitter to share
some potential song lyrics writing “know my love infinite nothing that I won’t do”
Ariana’s longtime producer and collaborator Tommy Brown also shared these same lyrics in the caption of his recent Instagram post.

Oh yeah, and Ari liked the pic.
Tommy has also recently shared photos on social media from inside the studio, especially the last few months.
And so all of this has fans thinking that AG6 is coming before we thought.
I mean, it even could also be coming before Ari thought.
While she previously said she wasn’t performing on the album, she has had some downtime like the rest folks during the Q to specialize in her music.

This whole social distancing thing has lasted for much longer than most folks ever anticipated!
Ari got real about performing on new music during this point with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe.
She said quote, “It’s an excellent time to make because you’re cursed with your thoughts
and left in your head a touch bit, so I feel all creatives are extra inspired immediately, maybe a touch bit.

But yeah, I didn’t have a home found out until quite recently, and that’s been such a lot fun, but also so bad for my sleep schedule and my eating schedule.”
And so with all of those hints and clues, fans are taking to social media to share their thoughts and predictions about Ari’s next album.

Some fans think that the album could even be coming as soon as this month, like this person who wrote “she posted it at 9:30…. that’s a touch exact DONT YALL THINK???” 

While others think it’s coming in early 2021.

And some fans have even gone out on a limb and thrown out some potential track titles like “venus,” “never there,” and “feminine.”

I will definitely be circling back to ascertain if any of these predictions come true.
But there’s one AG6 theory that Ariana actually debunked herself.
Many fans also thought that her new butterfly tattoos could have something to try to do with the album.

 Some people even thought that the album might be called butterfly.
But Ariana recently debunked that theory though on Twitter writing “nothing is butterfly related I really like u all such a lot I’m laughing” So there you’ve got it, that’s all we all know at the instant about AG6, but Ari keeps dropping clues so we’ll definitely keep you guys posted as we discover out more.

And allow us to know down within the comments below if you’ve got any AG6 theories.