Bring Back Hannah Montana? Miley Cyrus Is 'Ready' For

 Miley Cyrus might even have plans to bring Hannah Montana back!

How epic that would be ?!
Miley Cyrus, like many people, reflected on what a Hannah Montana reboot would
look like in 2020.
This year, a lot of our favorite shows are talking about rebooting, while
others like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Pretty Little Liars already have new versions in the works.

And so, we couldn't help but wonder what a contemporary Hannah Montana reboot would be like.
looks like how much Miley has evolved and matured over the years.

Who else thinks Hannah would wear a rock n roll style wig more these days?
"I think I can" Well, the tenth anniversary of the Hannah Montana series finale comes in January, so fans flood Twitter wondering if Miley would ever consider bringing back the fan-favorite show.

HANNAH MONTANA - "Oops! I Meddled Again" - As Hannah Montana, Miley must answer email correspondence from fans seeking advice. When one of the girls from her school asks Hannah how to get the attention of a boy in her class, Miley and Lilly realize she is talking about their best bud Oliver - and decide to meddle in Oliver's love life with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Jackson's job at the Surf Shop means placating to the boss's son Rico, who wants Jackson to wear a chicken suit to advertise the new chicken wings item, on "Hannah Montana," airing on FRIDAY, JULY 15 (8:00-8:30 p.m. ET) on the Disney Channel. (DISNEY CHANNEL/CRAIG SJODIN) EMILY OSMENT, MITCHEL MUSSO, MILEY CYRUS 

And earlier in the week, during a new interview with Capital FM, Miley told fans that she considered it and even has a plan in mind.
When Miley was first asked about Hannah, she began by revealing that she still cares about her Hannah Montana wigs for people who meet for business.

I know you still have the Hannah Montana wigs, I know it's often a time of nostalgia.
I really have them there, you have them right there!
Oh my gosh, that's an honest party thing that everyone who comes has to try on the wig

Ok, now I have to get the invitation to Miley's so I can try this famous Hannah Montana wig!

 And when asked if she would consider rebooting the series, Miley clarified that

this is something she has considered, although she is not yet ready.


"You know when something like, that's some kind of a good vintage T-shirt?"
There is enough time to pass and it's good again.
He's going through this period where he's just bad because he's old, then he's so old
it's good again.
Yes. That’s why we have to attend. "
Ok, we totally understand that, but how long are we going to have to wait?
"Hannah is in stock."
“Hannah is a kind of fine wine.
We have to wait until it is ready. "

Ok, Hannah is kind of fine wine, I'm not a sommelier so I don't know exactly what this timeline looks like… but I guess it's better than nothing! We will wait patiently.
But this isn't even the first time Miley has talked about rebooting Hannah Montana
recently it's clearly on his mind.

Last month, Miley told Carolina With Greg T in the morning that she was actually trying the Hannah Montana “all the time” wig.
She said quote: "She's just … picking up dust and I'm able to chase her …
I would really like to resurrect her at some point.
… I would like to do a series again.
I think it might be hard for me to push locked in a soundstage for a few years, but
sometimes it is in the future and I hope I run it. "
And as long as Miley is serious about directing the reboot, she already has some crucial changes scheduled if / when the show returns.

Miley said Hannah's quote, "needs a huge makeover because she's kinda stuck in 2008,
so we're going shopping with Miss Montana. "
Hey like I said I could totally see Miley doing Hannah some more rock n roll now
seen how her own look has evolved!
We would just love Hannah Montana to come back to our screens anyway!
let us know in the comments below if you'd like to see Miley Cyrus during a Hannah Restart Montana!

Cover Photo by Craig Sjodin/gettyimages