Are Ariana Grande & BTS Creating Music Together?

 Rumors About the collaboration of two of our favorite artists, Jungkook and Ariana Grande

so we're getting to break down everything we all know about this VERY exciting potential project.
BTS and Ariana Grande are two of the best artists in the world, so just thinking of a mixture of those teaming up for one song has the 2 fandoms during a total frenzy. Are Ariana Grande & BTS really Creating Music Together?

Since last year, there are rumors that Ari could be working with the
BTS boys, but fans are more convinced than ever that there's something within the

Let's return for a second to last week when Ariana said she was performing on some new music.
She shared the lyrics for this potential song "Know My Infinite Love, Nothing I Won't Do." With this music tease with the caption "brb".

Additionally, Ariana producer Tommy Brown shared the equivalent lyrics Ariana did on one of her recent Instagram posts.

Tommy worked with Ariana on writing BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez's song ICE CREAM.

so they both have some experience within the K Pop/collab space.
Eagle-eyed fans have also zoomed in on Ari's recent post and a few people are thinking
that one among the tracks says "BTS".

And while which may sound a touch of a stretch, Jungkook's recent YouTube live stream has fans are even more convinced that these two are working together.
During the 8-minute live broadcast, one detail, especially, emerged that caused fans to theorize that Jungkook and Ari collaborate.

The video shows Jungkook recording something within the studio, but hoping to stop
all spoilers, most of the audio was muted.
Audio comes in and out during times like this where Jungkook is heard singing "yeah"
over and once again and say he thinks the track sounds good thus far.

Fans began to require clips of the unmute portions of Jungkook's studio session and perform them side-by-side with Ariana's teaser clip, noting that the 2 teases sounded similar.

This person shared both clips and wrote a quote: "A BTS / Jungkook X Ariana Grande
collaboration within the works ?!
I can't sleep tonight unless there's a confirmation ”While others acknowledged that it seemed like you can hear Ariana songs sing within the background of Jungkook's Livestream.

Listen carefully to the present clip from the top of his stream and see if you'll hear his track quietly within the background, while Jungkook sings Dynamite. And FYI you might need to grab your headphones or turn your volume up for this one.

I mean, nobody confirmed or denied if it had been Ariana, but it sure sounded
like her on behalf of me and for several other fans on Twitter.
While Jungkook could have listened to Ariana's music while he worked, with all of those clues, fans are convinced that the 2 are collaborating.
People also don't think it is a coincidence that Ari and Jungkook have released their new music.

teasers a couple of days apart.
Fans tweeted things like "arikook manifesting", "Ariana and Jungkook it's
just the right collaboration ”and“ we would like the collaboration of #Jungkook and Ariana Grande. "
While others like this fan also rejected him and reminded us of when Ariana took a pic of her and Jungkook her iPhone background.

And this person even commented that they thought that Jungkook's BTS member Jin could also, be a part of the collaboration because Jungkook mentioned his name during the Livestream.

The possibilities are truly endless, but we just hope this all means
that the long-awaited Ariana / BTS moment is finally within the works.
It is certainly no exaggeration to think that Ari could collaborate with one or more
In January, on the Grammys red carpet, RM revealed to Billboard that they still have it.
wanted to collaborate with Ari.
"We always want to figure with Ariana, like I mean she's the simplest immediately and she's the simplest, she's one among the simplest."

And love is never one-sided. Ariana also expanded on the boys at BTS tweeting about having the ability to observe one among their
rehearsals earlier this year writing :
honestly...... I was able to watch them rehearse for something and it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding. I was screaming. I couldn’t stop talking about it / still can’t

So .. our fingers are crossed that collaboration is basically underway!

If we discover any longer clues about this potential project, we'll definitely keep you posted.