Euphoria 2 Has Been Given The Green Light To Start Filming

The cast of Euphoria Season 2 has been given the green light to start filming for the show’s second season, fans are getting to work and eagerly predicting what could possibly happen following last season’s shocking finale.

As we all still lose stay over the major cliffhanger that went down after the first season of HBO’s Euphoria, new updates are made regarding Season 2’s production.

Euphoria 2 has been given the green light to start filming
Euphoria 2 has been given the green light to start filming Cover Photo By FilmMagic / Getty Images

We can all now sleep peacefully knowing that Season 2 is underway, all because of many fans, who have shared the footage to social media featuring a number of the cast while filming Photos have also been posted to social media of Zendaya and her costar Hunter Schafer wearing masks onset.

Z also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, where she revealed to Jimmy’s guest host Ben Platt that we may get a touch something to
hold us over until they find out the way to film a whole season during an epidemic.
She said:
We might find yourself doing a touch bridge episode.
I don't really skill to explain it, but an episode that we will do with a limited
amount of individuals during a safer environment that can, I do not know, give people something.

But while we await a confirmed release date for the upcoming season, fans can’t stop
thinking about what to expect, including some of the foremost talked-about season 2 fan theories.
But before we start, I just wanted to issue a fast spoiler warning,
so if you haven’t yet finished Season 1, first off, WHY NOT, and secondly,

please only continue reading if you’re comfortable with how it ends.

Euphoria 2 Has Been Given The Green Light To Start Filming
(Photo by FilmMagic/gettyimages)

Alright, so at the top of Season 1, which happened at prom, we witnessed the devastating breakup between Zendaya’s character Rue and her love interest Jules, as Rue decided to not board the train with Jules after planning their escape together.
What is probably the foremost obvious conclusion following the finale was that Rue overdosed once more, and potentially at this point, it had been fatal.

While wearing her dad’s hoodie during the final scene, Rue stumbles through the house in what appears to be a narcotic relapse as her father is that the just one who can actually see her.
One fan theory, however, suggests that Rue DID actually relapse, but that she didn’t die. The reason being, as this user put it, seeing her dad was an experience because

When she was browsing the house, Gia and her mom couldn’t see her, but her dad could. Almost like she was on the brink of death then he pushed her away.

The user also acknowledged the familiar song within the final scene, adding

Every time Rue is tempted by drugs when sober, this song plays.

Another theory suggests that the song, which many acknowledged was an equivalent song that played when Rue first overdosed, suggests that this scene is simply a flashback to the primary time and that this finale scene is a few kinds of rebirth given the very fact that she chose to remain back with her family rather than escaping town with Jules.

This Reddit user said:

I think it’s just what Rue was seeing while she was blacked out from her overdose during the summer before the junior year

If you didn’t realize already All For Us was playing within the background while they put her within the ambulance after Gia involved her OD, “All For Us” was also the song used at the ending of Euphoria after Rue’s relapse.”
Speaking of Gia, the longer term appears to seem pretty grim for Rue’s little
sister as many believes that she is about to spiral and follow in Rue’s footsteps after experimenting with weed at the school carnival earlier within the season. 

Although she seems to be fully conscious of how drugs can cause a dark path after taking a backseat to Rue’s experience, fans believe Gia could also be getting herself into much deeper trouble.
Storm Reid, who plays Gia, even teased her own storyline within the upcoming season, saying:
Gia’s becoming her own person… and she’s getting her own storyline which is extremely exciting so I’m excited to start out that very soon.

Many even believe that Rue and Gia could potentially switch roles,
as Rue strives to urge her life back on track while Gia takes a downward spiral.
One character who could potentially spiral, however, is Cassie, especially after she made the choice to have an abortion in Season 1. 

The fact that fans never really acknowledged how Cassie emotionally addressed the aftermath has left many to believe that she may spiral and find yourself ODing herself.
One Reddit user suggested this wild theory regarding Cassie,
predicting that she is going to also begin to spiral after becoming depressed
about secretly eager to keep the baby, while McKay felt differently.
The theory also ropes in Fez, also as Mouse, who previously had it out for Fez,
but instead of killing him, Mouse lets him live.

The theory then says:
I desire her character is that the next to possess a mental breakdown, so what’s stopping her from doing drugs? Nothing -- she already
drinks to urge drunk to assist solve her problems or numb her pain

The Reddit user also shared a romantic part to this theory, adding

Where would she get the drugs to OD off of? Fez. She is 18, so if they did somehow have a romantic connection within the future, it wouldn’t be that surprising. She is one among the nicest characters, and Fez, I’m pretty sure everyone loves him.His character is kind and appears out for Rue and it’s adorable. I might honestly ship it.

Another theory suggests that Mouse’s dark nature shouldn't be underestimated and that although Fez agreed to cough up more money than was deserved, Mouse would then activate him and kill him as a way of not eager to take any chances with the luggage that Fez may carry.

 Many fans also are rooting for Lexi to have a way bigger role in Season 2, suggesting that she may find herself coming to a gay realization.

This user said:
There’s definitely something happening there together with her, and there’s been hints that she’ll have a much bigger role later
After Kat lost her virginity in Season 1 and commenced experimenting together with her sexuality, fans are rooting for these two as Ethan might be an honest influence on Kat and essentially keep her grounded.
And finally, during the finale, it had been revealed that Maddie ended up watching
the video of Nate’s dad hooking up with Jules.
According to this Reddit user, someone on Tumblr believes that Maddie is about
out to seek revenge on Nate, break up with him and begin dating Fez.
Others agree that while Maddie may not seek revenge by getting with Fez,
she is deeply outraged by the video, so mentally prepare yourselves for what’s close to ensue come Season 2!

As we previously stated, the second season of Euphoria has seemed to begin filming, and if everything goes consistent with the schedule, we could also be getting a replacement season to binge come early 2021.

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Then make certain to let me know which of those Season 2 theories you think is most accurate down here within the comments, and feel liberal to share your own predictions.