Tom Felton throwback pics of the cast from Hogwarts!


Tom Felton throwback pics of the cast from Hogwarts!
Photo By Matt Winkelmeyer/gettyimages

in case you weren’t feeling old yet, this week Tom Felton has been reminiscing on his Harry Potter days with multiple never
before seen throwback pics of the cast from when they were young wizards at Hogwarts!

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and Tom Felton AKA Draco Malfoy, you know that he’s the kind of adorable, awkward, and hilarious throwback pics.

Over the years he’s shared plenty of photos from early on in his Harry Potter days like these young Draco pics that might even make you consider wanting to be a Slytherin.

He’s also shared special behind the scenes moments from filming the HP movies like his first day at Hogwarts and this moment when he’s being covered in fake blood.

He even posted this adorable video hanging with a young Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe onset.

But Tom doesn’t only share throwback pics of himself, he also just completely trolls his friends with throwback photos of them with captions like “thug life” and “The man, the legend.”

He also frequently shares pics hanging with his former castmates, so it’s clearly all in good fun.

What can he say, Tom loves a good throwback Thursday?
And the past few days have been no different.
He started off the week by sharing this throwback of him and two of his former Harry Potter co-stars Devon Murray and Josh Herdman.

Tom captioned the pic “In between scenes, 2001.”
But he didn’t stop there.
On Tuesday, Tom shared another throwback photo with Josh, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and what appears to be part of Rupert Grint’s head.

Along with the photo, Tom wrote “When your parents make you hang out with the neighbor's kids.
But that wasn’t all of it…
Tom also revealed that he was holding a caption contest and the winner gets one of these Slytherin masks signed by Tom himself.

Obviously, fans were quick to flood the comments with their own captions in hopes of winning Tom’s IG contest.

And I mean, I don’t know about you, but I feel like rocking a signed Slytherin mask by Draco Malfoy, himself would make me the coolest person in line at the market.
One fan wrote, “tom is me when my parents walk in on me watching the half-blood prince for the 5th time this week.”

Another came through with their caption writing “When you have to stand next to Gryffindors for a picture” An Other wrote “my last four brain cells after staying up all night to binge-watch harry potter” And, other person wrote “when you crop Rupert out”

Honestly, all of those are amazing and totally relatable, I can’t even pick my favorite.
But currently, the top-liked comment with over 31,000 likes says “harry potter and the day no one brushed their hair.”

I feel like that one may end up taking the cake, but it’s certainly not too late to throw your ideas in the comments of Tom’s post.
He hasn’t officially announced a winner yet, so the signed mask is still up for grabs.
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Also, let us know down in the comments below what your caption would be for Tom’s caption contest.