Nicki Minaj gives news on her newborn son and motherhood


Nicki Minaj gives news on her newborn son and motherhood
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard)
Nicki Minaj gives fans an update on her newborn son and motherhood.
Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty have taken on a whole new role as full-time parents since welcoming their son in September, as Nicki juggles being one of the game’s best-known rappers and raising her newborn son.

Over the weekend, Nicki took some time out of her even busier schedule to chat with her fans via 
Twitter, when she gave clues as to who her baby boy was and how he acts in the past. daily.

Nicki also shared her own thoughts on how her son could potentially act around his Barbz after a fan wrote:
Imagine being @ NICKIMINAJ’s baby and having to share your mom with the Barbz

She wrote:


But the general consensus during Nicki’s quick Twitter spree was that fans simply missed hearing and seeing new music.
Nicki Minaj gives news on her newborn son and motherhood
(Photo by ANDER GILLENEA / AFP) (Photo by ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images)

While it’s understandable that she’s now a little busier than usual, Nicki responded to a fan who suggested she find a nanny like 
normal celebrities

which she actually did. accepted, writing:


At the moment it looks like Nicki has completely changed roles, which has thrilled many fans, but besides being featured on tracks, like Mike Will Made – this is the recent hit “What That Speed About ”it seems that motherhood will come first for the time being.

After taking the time to answer questions from fans, Nicki revealed why she wasn’t so active on social media, saying:

Well, Barbz … we never thought we would see a day when someone would need Nicki’s undivided attention even more than their own fans

Then again, she warned fans that she will be “retiring” from music in 2019 in order to raise a family in a tweet that read:

I have decided to retire and have my family.

I know you are happy now.

To my fans keep telling me, do it till I die, X in the box cause no one is controlling me.
I love you for life.

Shortly after her tweet went viral, it seems Nicki felt her statement was a little bold because let’s be honest, how could THE Nicki Minaj actually retire from music altogether.

Nicki clarified in an interview with Billboard at the end of last year that she was not leaving the industry entirely, but was ready to explore other avenues.


She said:
I love music and interacting with fans, so I can’t really walk away completely. But I want to be open to other possibilities in my life.
I think it’s important to become a woman outside the magnifying glass

In fact, years ago in 2014, Nicki opened up to Complex about the struggle between raising a child and thriving in the industry, saying:

I wonder if I’m going to be one of them. those women who balance my child with a career. I have always said, “When I have my baby, it will all depend on my baby.”
I don’t want the kid to feel like he isn’t getting my full attention, so I’ve always said, “I’m going to take a little break.” But we will see.
Nicki Minaj gives news on her newborn son and motherhood
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

 It looks like Nicki may have manifested this beautiful chapter in her life as she and Kenneth continue to parenthood, but if we know anything about Nicki Minaj, it sure won’t be the last we hear from her.

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