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Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton


Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton

if you like to practice on Beyoncé’s music? do we have some interesting news for you.
Queen Bey just teamed up for a multi-year contract with Peloton and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Okay, we all know that 2020 has changed the way we do a lot of things.
It changed the way we work, go to school, see our family and friends, and yes, it changed the way we exercise too.

Many of us used to live in the gym and enjoy group fitness classes, but with the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, gyms have become less attractive or available to some people.

Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton
(Photo by Kira Hofmann/picture alliance via Getty Images)
People started working out at home in whole new ways and millions of people turned to Peloton, home biking, and treadmill where you can take lessons live and on-demand.

Peloton also offers a variety of other courses on their app, such as yoga, outdoor running, meditation, strength training, and more, but their core products are their racing bikes and treadmills.

Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton
A Peloton Cycle Inc. bicycle stands in the gym area of the Dwight Capital LLC new office space inside 787 11th Avenue in New York, U.S., on Monday, July 30, 2018. The glitzy new offices at 787 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen for financial companies are a departure from the building’s 1920s roots as a service hub for Packard Motor Car Co. Photographer: Johannes Berg/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Over the years, Peloton has had tons of themed classes like a Britney Spears Ride, Lady Gaga Ride, Pitbull Ride, and many more.
But according to Peloton, Beyoncé is the most requested artist by her more than 3.6 million members and they have never given Beyoncé-themed classes.

And now the company just announced a multi-year partnership with none other than Beyoncé. herself, but you know that because it’s BEYONCE, it will be a totally different theme race!

According to an official press release, the collaboration will be “rooted in the celebration of music “and, in typical Beyoncé fashion, he has important social initiatives as well.

In a statement, Beyoncé said:

Peloton and I both believe in the power of music can help uplift, motivate, and inspire people on their fitness journey.
I have been a member of Peloton for several years and I am delighted to be associated with a company who helps people, young and old, be the best versions of themselves in an adaptable way

Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton
the photo on the peloton blog

Practice on Beyoncé’s music With Peloton
the photo on the peloton blog
Additionally, in commemoration of reunion season in historically black colleges and Universities, Peloton and Beyoncé are offering HBCU students free two-year digital subscriptions.

Beyoncé said:

I am proud to celebrate the students of HBCU with this donation, to encourage them to find and adopt their own wellness regimes.

Peloton also says they will recruit students for internships from the ten HBCUs involved. in this partnership.

Howard University, which is one of the schools involved in the partnership, shared the news on Twitter writing:


But the homecoming classes are just the first that Queen Bey will help develop through her. partnership with Peloton.
Peloton also revealed that Bey will be working with them on “various forms of class curation in all training disciplines ”over the next few months.
I mean as a Peloton member and diehard Beyoncé fan this news couldn’t be more exciting. all around.

Beyoncé’s first round was uploaded to Peloton Monday night and included songs like Crazy in Love, Diva, Run The World, Drunk in Love, and more.

And I am not the only one who is enthusiastic about this partnership.
Fans and celebrities alike have flooded social media to share their thoughts on this news.

You can’t wait to take all of those Beyoncé classes.

We look forward to what else Bey and Peloton will do together!

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