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Charli D’Amelio Reached 100 million TikTok followers

We all love a good comeback story, and thanks to a little thing called 'undo the crop' we have become much more familiar with the celebrities and influencers having to make their way to the floor after a major public setback.

Charli D'Amelio may be new to the scene starting this year, but she's no stranger to critical among its newly coveted achievement of reaching 100 million subscribers on the platform it all started for her.

Charli D’Amelio Reached 100 million TikTok followers
Charli D’Amelio instagram

Charli is currently TikTok's biggest star, pretty with over 102 million followers,
but as many fans know, its journey to reach 100 million subscribers around a year later joining the platform was anything but glamorous.
In case you missed it, Charli recently made headlines after her family, including her older sister Dixie D'Amelio released the first video of their family's new series "Dinner with the D’Amelios".

The series' first dinner guest was none other than beauty guru James Charles, who knows firsthand the art of Internet returns.

Not only did the episode spark a backlash after Charli and Dixie laughed at their cooked dinner by a private chef, Aaron May, but Charli ended up losing the respect of his fan base after a viral comment she made about reaching 100 million subscribers in her first year on TikTok.

Right before the video's release, Charli had almost hit his goal of 100 million subscribers, but things quickly turned for the worse when thousands of other influencers and fans accused her of being "ungrateful" and "bratty", which led to a further decrease a million followers.

After receiving an abuse mess to the point of death threats, Charli took to Instagram Live to share a tearful video expressing that his comments were simply a misunderstanding, and begged fans to remember that she is only human.

YouTubers including James Charles and Trisha Paytas both took part, creating their own virtual feud between them, but considering everything James has been through being open and transparent with her fans during the Tati Westbrook drama, it seems fans felt a sort of similar feeling when it came to Charli receiving so much unanimous hatred.

Charli also opened up about the hate she received during the 2 Chix podcast of her and Dixie, explaining that she has no regrets about being emotional and showing her true feelings to fans and that it's something that she never wants to change on her own.
I feel like people really have to understand that yes, I do have a substantial amount of people that follow me on social media. 
That does not mean that I am not a person! 
Everyone likes to say a year ago I was a normal kid doing something in school.
A year later, I’m a normal kid doing stuff for social media.

 Apparently, the internet was able to forgive and forget Charli's comments on 100 million which were all a giant misunderstanding, because not even 48 hours after his tears live, she redeemed herself and achieved (and even exceeded) her goal.

How Charli D’Amelio Went From Cancelled To 100 Million Overnight!
(Photo by STEVEN FERDMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

So what exactly changed in the space of a few hours that caused fans to gain a sense of sympathy?

for this seemingly normal 16-year-old girl who danced on the platform just a year before?

Ben Jeffries, entrepreneur and CEO of brand marketing platform Influencer, weighed in on why he thinks fans changed their minds after Charli refused so much because of her comments. He spoke to Metro explaining that:

Charli went to live to apologize to his supporters and to recognize and accept responsibility that his words have gone through Wrong way. 
The upload told its subscribers that his apology was neither scripted nor pre-recorded and I believe showed that she was really sorry.

Ben also believes that Charli's apologies and sincerity surrounding this whole ordeal say she has "learned her lesson, and reaching 100 million subscribers would suggest that her followers have forgiven her, in which he does not imagine that she will find herself in the same situation anytime soon.

This reality and relatability only draw fans to her as she navigates her teenage years in a whole new "normal", but still very similar to millions of his fans.

Ben also predicts that by reaching 100 million subscribers, Charli's growth will only continue to snowball, adding:

We've already seen Charli start to go beyond the app, launching a podcast with her sister Dixie, who also has a large number of followers on TikTok, and focuses more efforts on YouTube.   
I would predict that as her sequel continues to grow, Charli will be looking to find a variety platforms to talk to followers on

In addition to using multiple outlets to speak openly and honestly with fans, many people probably also appreciated that Charli brought up another controversy after some defendants it to buy subscribers to reach 100 million.

She quickly nipped that rumor in the bud during the same podcast episode, stating loudly and clearly, she never bought subscribers for herself or anyone else.

Have I ever purchased subscribers for myself or for someone?"
No I do not have.
Does my family have?
No, they don't.
Anyone I know?
No, they don't.
Are there any bots on the app called TikTok?
Indeed, everyone has bots.
This is how the app runs, this is how the app works, this is how it creates
the app looks like it is.
Can I control this?
Absolutely not.

With TikTok's lightweight content compared to YouTube's longer-format vlogging style, Charli was able to build a sense of community with the fans, which clearly bodes well in his favor.

There is no doubt that Charli cherishes his growing fans and their continued support, but at the end of the day, we must remember that she IS only human and that humans are is going to slip… it's just life, all of you!

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