INSANE 'Evermore' Easter Eggs Explained by Taylor Swift's

 So Many Easter Eggs In One Album Drop

If you're like us, you're probably still in panic mode after you've basically no time to process the big musical bomb that Taylor Swift gave us Swifties on Thursday.

While fans are still processing the mystical dreamscapes of folklore from Taylor's previous album, we have just been struck by an all-new tragically epic masterpiece called evermore.

Not only were fans completely blinded by the creation of the folklore sister album, but many were also unaware of the fact that Taylor had dropped so many Easter eggs and clues after the release of folklore that this era was far from over ...
One of the first signs that Swifties has been kicking herself in 24 hours was the fact that Taylor literally said that she "gave so many signs" in her song "Exile" with Bon Iver.

INSANE 'Evermore' Easter Eggs Explained by Taylor Swift's
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One fan posted a tweet with literally ALL of the signs, saying:

Any diehard Swiftie knows that whatever comes out of Taylor's mouth or brain and in the world where Twittersphere could be a sign.
But who knew that a simple hairstyle would be one of the biggest Easter eggs of all ?! Last month at the 2020 American Music Awards, Taylor uploaded a video directly from its home recording studio to accept its three new equipment.

The second she shared the news of evermore with this pic of her braided hair

fans quickly put the pieces together, like this person, who tweeted

By now Swifties should also know that every time Taylor claims there's not much going on at the moment ”, there is certainly a lot going on. 
What we all thought was a clue to the release of the long pond studio folk session that Taylor posted two weeks ago

While it gets harder and harder to trust Taylor when she seems bored, it's safe to assume we don't like cheating so secretly.
Speaking of the most recent photos Tay shared, claiming to do nothing by looking back at her photos, one fan pointed out that there was actually a willow tree behind her, which alludes to the first single "Willow."

Not to mention Taylor's response to Rolling Stone's "Best Albums of 2020" list last week gave another clue about a willow tree. She tweeted:

Speaking of "willow," Taylor also released the music video last night and admitted to having some major hidden gems in the video. During a live question-and-answer session last night, she told a fan:
"There is a scene in the video which represents the song "seven", one which represents "mirror ball", a for "exile" and one for "mad woman"

Tay also took the time to respond to the LA Times on Twitter on Wednesday when she gave a hint. who managed to escape us ...

She responded to the outlet's "10 Best Albums of 2020" article, writing:


The things going on in Taylor's mind, you guys ... no words. We all know Taylor's been pretty big on dates, if she's releasing an album on a date that adds up to 13, his birthday, name it, it's done. 

 As always, fans are hanging on to the theory that Taylor chose to make the announcement on the birthday of famous poet Emily Dickinson. 

 They went so far as to recall that Taylor referred to Emily's year of birth, 1830 in a recent interview ET noticed that Emily had ended one of her most romantics poems by writing to her lover, saying:

 "Sue - forever!" This stuff can't be just a coincidence, right ?!

 Now let's move on to the ever more tracklist… one of the first songs that stood out from the fans was "this is the bloody season," which were the exact words Taylor was teasing earlier week by sharing his last interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She took to her Instagram Stories to share photos of herself decked out from head to toe in Stella McCartney, writing:
This outfit really screams 'TIS THE DAMN SEASON

Another song that caught the attention of many fans was the second song titled "champagne problems ", and those of you who share Swiftie / Katy Cats have all figured out this riddle

Similar to Katy's recent album, Smile, where she also sings on "Champagne Problems".


Once released we learned the title was just a coincidence, BUT the song holds much deeper than Taylor's boyfriend Joe AKA William Bowery is listed as one of the songwriters. 

 She also took to Instagram last night to share some thoughts on Always More and explained a few songs, including a "champagne problem". Taylor revealed that there were 17 tales, including:
The One Where college lovers had very different plans for the same night, one to end it and the other who brought a ring.

I know what you are thinking, but don't worry guys this song has NO meaning towards Taylor's personal life.

And finally, one of the more interesting Easter eggs comes in the form of song 13 of the two folklore and always.

Song 13 on folklore is called "Epiphany" where Taylor pays homage to his grandfather, Dean Swift, as she writes from her point of view during the war.

Song 13 on Evermore is called "Marjorie," which is Taylor's late grandmother, an opera singer, and the woman is said to have inspired Taylor's passion for music.

Taylor added in his notes on the album that there was a song :

featuring my grandmother, Marjorie, who still visits me sometimes… if only in my dreams

It seems that during the last tracks of the song, Taylor sings a part of the life lessons Marjorie taught her, saying:

Never be so nice, you forget to be nice / Never be so smart you forget to be nice.

Lessons that we can really take away EVERYTHING after this year.

Alright guys, that pretty much sums up the ever-increasing Easter eggs, although we probably could keep going ... forever ...

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And I'm sure there are a lot more hidden gems in the album, so feel free to share all your discoveries evermore with me here in the comments.