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Liam Payne Give More Hope to Directioners

The burning question of whether a One Direction meeting will actually take place has in the minds of fans for quite some time ... five years, to be exact, but Liam Payne has just gifted fans with the early Christmas gift of… hope.

During his recent meeting with Roman Kemp for Capital's Up Close concert, Liam was asked if he and the guys would get together for a Christmas Zoom conversation on the holidays.

Liam was hopeful about a mini-reunion, telling Roman he would "love it", while also revealing that he had just spoken with Louis Tomlinson for a good hour about the need for an "appropriate catch-up".

Liam went on to say that one of the main reasons the 1D era isn't quite over is that
It's hard to sing these songs on your own, and some really are difficult.There's a reason there were sometimes four slashes five people to pass. They really miss them and yes I hope we will catch up.

 As many fans know, this isn't the first time Liam has teased an upcoming reunion with The group.

Just months before their 10th birthday, Liam opened up to The Sun about the band plans to put together a little something for his fans, saying at the time

We have got a 10 year anniversary coming up, so we all talked a lot together over the course of the last few weeks, which has been really cool.

 Ok, so a reunion didn't go exactly the way the fans were hoping it would, yeah here so as not to lose all hope for future skirmishes.

Meanwhile, Liam, his fiancee Maya Henry, and a few other close friends went over and beyond to spread Christmas cheer for a few lucky One Direction fans.

They recently appeared on some active fans on the popular Omegle chat site, to sing some Christmas carols, as shown in Maya's recent TikTok video.


Did a Christmas carol on Omegle to spread Christmas cheer since we are in lockdown 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🎄 @maximmagnus @liampayne ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - Maya Henry

and based on the reactions of the fans, this Christmas will be without a doubt the most unforgettable to date, despite everything that has happened this year ...

So let's hope the One Direction holiday cheer continues to spread the holiday season, and as always, we still have hope for this 1D reunion.