Lou Teasdale SPILLS Dirty Secrets

 One Direction Former Stylist SPILLS Secrets

Former One Direction stylist Lou Teasdale reveals dirty little secrets about his time with the group, including what happened when members of the team were caught with some of the guys.

If anyone were to reveal all the secrets, scandals, fights, and victories in one Direction over the years we could only afford their long-term hairstylist, Lou Teasdale, who has enough tea to fill an entire body of water.
Lou Teasdale SPILLS Dirty Secrets
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Die-hard directors would know Lou has worked very closely with the guys since they got their debut on the X Factor in 2011.

But since their split, something tells us that Lou's NDA has expired, in which she was able to spill all the tea on what really happened between the guys.

While appearing on the Spotify Sex, Lies, & DM Slides podcast, Lou told all about the job with the group ...

And note: you KNOW things are about to get crazy when you make an appearance on a podcast. literally centered on sex, lies, and DM slides…

She revealed that some of the group's assistants would struggle to keep their jobs as they got caught sleeping with the guys, saying 

Some people were coming in, like helpers and stuff, and I think it was love and obviously, it's not and it's just the fastest way to lose your job. Cause then they got a new girlfriend and she's in the room and they don't wanna you in there.

It never really came as a surprise that the crew turnover rate is so high as Lou added:

Everyone ends up falling or sleeping together, or both, everyone knows everyone's shit is just like that. 

But in case you were wondering, Lou confirmed that she has NEVER slept with any of the One Direction's, saying:

That was the thing, I was with them from start to finish.
You can't sleep with them, that's pretty important if you want to keep your job.

The fact that Lou and each of the band members have an age difference of about 10 years as well made it easier for her not to get involved, to which she said:

The group is much younger than me therefore we were at the level of friendship.

No, never dated or slept with any of them.

A very notable topic that Lou also touched on was the fact that she ALWAYS has millions of girls asking him about 'Larry Stylinson' rumors so far, but remains confused as to the origin of all this.

While explaining the meaning of "Larrys", which as many fans know is the name given to a fan who adheres to Larry Stylinson's conspiracy theory, Lou shared that all of these things started really early, and fans still believe the guys' so-called "fake girlfriends" are all a plot to cover it up.


Harry and Louis have repeatedly denied these rumors, and even called
fans to spread lies, but fans are STILL not so convinced.

However, many have rallied around Harry and Louis and continue to urge the fandom to stop asking about rumors.

Well, Larry, Lou has spoken and based on what she said, it might finally be time to leave Larry in the past for good ...