James Charles accused

 James Charles accused after fake baby bump photoshoot

James Charles is criticized for claiming to be one day pregnant in a new YouTube video.

Picture James Charles via YouTube
Picture: James Charles via YouTube

The YouTuber has been doing some wild pranks lately, recently cheating his followers by going bald. And now he's "pregnant". On Friday, February 12, James decided to try to be pregnant for a whole day after being questioned by his best friend Laura, who is currently expecting her second child.

In a YouTube video titled “24 Hours of Being Pregnant,” James went through a number of challenges to see if he could survive the pregnancy. James wore a baby bump and even tried a device that simulated contractions.

Charles, who has 25 million YouTube subscribers, made sure to add a disclaimer in the 15-minute video, saying, "This video is by no means made, in any form or form to make fun of, to make light on pregnancies and the sensitivities and complications that come around it. "
"It's obviously such a beautiful and beautiful thing that women live with their bodies, and it also takes a lot of strength," he said, adding that the profits from the video would be charity focused on reproduction.

The video chronicled Charles, who donned two silicone bumps to mimic a pregnant stomach, completing daily tasks and challenges, including using a contraction simulator.