All Signs Indicate J.Lo Is Moving Her Kids To Los Angeles

 J.Lo Is Moving Her Kids To Los Angeles To Be Near Ben Affleck

All Signs Indicate J.Lo Is Moving Her Kids To Los Angeles To Be Near Ben Affleck
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Were you under the impression that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were simply reuniting? Reconsider your position. The two are apparently intending to live in closer proximity, implying that their relationship is taking a serious turn.

After being photographed together multiple times shortly after their recent breakups, the couple, who were first together in 2003, rapidly made headlines. Jennifer was engaged to baseball player Alex Rodriguez at the time, but once rumors surfaced that he had been unfaithful, she dumped him.

She was also apparently emailing Ben to catch up around that period. According to rumors, Ben's communications were very lovely and loving, which rekindled their romance.

While moving states may seem hasty, it's evident that Ben and Jen simply resumed up where they left off in 2003. They appear to have true chemistry and affection for one another. Despite everything that has happened over the years, including marriages and children with other partners, these two seemed to be dead set on making it work.

Ben was sighted in Miami just before Memorial Day weekend, spending time with Jennifer at her home. Jennifer is said to have relocated to Miami in order to be closer to Alex and his family, and she still owns a waterfront house there. However, a source told E! News that this may be Jennifer's final vacation to Miami, as she plans to relocate to Los Angeles with her two children.

Some assume that Jennifer's move is part of a larger plan to restart her life. It made logical for her to stay in Miami with her children after the events of the previous year. Jennifer could feel more comfortable going across the country now that the world is starting to open up again. One of the advantages could be having Ben present.

The transfer could also be interpreted as a fresh start. Jennifer was with Alex for four years, and their relationship appears to have ended badly. Moving far away from her Miami home could be a sign of a new beginning in general. Even so, the fact that Ben's three children live in Los Angeles with their mother, Jennifer Garner, makes the bond much smoother.

Jennifer is "packing up her Miami rental," according to the source. "She will be between L.A. and the Hamptons this summer," they added, "but L.A. will be her base." She's currently looking for schools for her twin daughters, Max and Emme.

Fans notice Ben and Jennifer's affection when they see them out, despite the fact that they have been secretive about their relationship. After spotting them on a date, one observer told E! News, "Ben put his arm around Jennifer at dinner and they weren't bashful about being friendly." "He appeared to be in terrific shape and appeared to be extremely happy. She was also smiling and leaning against him."

The duo appeared to be very comfortable together while socializing with others, according to the eyewitness. "He got along well with her pals and seemed at ease talking to them and striking up a discussion," they stated. "They all had a terrific time and a lot of laughter."

One person, who may not be pleased with this? Alex Rodriguez is a baseball player from the United States. Following the speculations of Ben and Jen's romance, the athlete shared a photo of his family table and two children on social media. Three people were noticeably absent, which was most likely a dig at Jennifer and her twins.

According to Us Weekly, Alex is still struggling to comprehend the reality that his renowned ex-girlfriend has moved on so rapidly. "Alex is still very sore and in a world of pain," their sources said. "It's the first time anyone can recall him being ditched like way, at least publicly," they add.

However, may that serve as a valuable lesson for him. Infidelity, whether physical or mental, is never a good look, and Jennifer may have realized she couldn't trust him once the whispers began. While Ben's record isn't perfect in other areas, he appears to be respectful of the women in his life. He even offered Jennifer Garner a sweet Mother's Day shout-out on Instagram, beginning his message with "so pleased to share these babies with you."

Jennifer Lopez seems to have a little issue making Ben's kids feel unique and accepted, given how hard she worked to embrace her blended family with Alex. While it's unknown if they've met yet, if this relationship is meant to endure, it'll undoubtedly happen in the future.

Many admirers are eagerly anticipating Ben and Jen's official announcement of their love. It's nice to know that these two appreciate their privacy, even if it's Hollywood's worst kept secret. The paparazzi wouldn't leave them alone, which was one of the reasons they separated up years ago.

Jennifer Lopez Is Officially Moving to Los Angeles for a Fresh Start With Ben Affleck
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However, both of them have had to deal with a lot of press since then, some of it unfavorable. Ben, in particular, had to deal with his divorce in public. Jennifer was divorced at this time as well, although she tried to put a more positive spin on the news. People questioned Ben's separation from Jennifer Garner, speculating that it was due to his addiction troubles.

While the media can be nasty at times, Ben has shown that he has evolved from his experiences in the tabloids. As a result, it's probable that their increased maturity will enable them to develop a more private existence. Whatever happens, the entire globe is cheering for Ben and J.Lo to succeed this time.