Courteney Cox is giving us major nostalgia vibes right now

Courteney Cox And erectile dysfunction Sheeran Doing 'The Routine' is that the issue we have an inclination to failed to perceive we have a tendency to wished. merely once the buddies reunion became on the market to stream, she's channeling her inner Monica Gellar even tons of. The star merely denotes associate lovely video to Instagram. In it, she and musician erectile dysfunction Sheeran area unit acting "The Routine."

If you've never seen the "The Routine" episode, you're very missing out. Ross and Monica commit to breaking out a dance they accustomed do once they were youngsters in hopes of getting the cameras to pan toward them at a different Year's Rockin' Eve event. Of course, in typical Gellar fashion, they bring about it mindfully.

Courteney Cox And Ed Sheeran Doing 'The Routine' Is The Thing We Didn't Know We Needed
Courteney Cox/Instagram

But what's stunning is that Courteney remembered the routine of those years later. We're unsure but erectile dysfunction Sheeran picked it up, but they every all nailed it.

Either way, the post got some serious circulation. of us adored the particular incontrovertible fact that Courteney was delivering back the routine for her Instagram audience. The comments section discovered that copious.

Lots of celebrity friends chimed in to tell Courteney that she and erectile dysfunction all slew it. Most notably, costar Lisa Kudrow shared her thoughts. She summed it up in one word. "WOW."

To see the whole dance, examine the video.