Is Olivia Rodrigo releasing an album called Sweet?

fans are speculating regarding Olivia Rodrigo's emotional an attainable sister album to bitter.

Olivia Rodrigo: Pop sensation, high school Musical: The Musical: The Series star and Taylor Swift recipient World Health Organization is currently taking her Swiftie duties to a full 'another level, thus it might appear.

By now, you may don't have any doubt detected a minimum of one in every of Olivia's new songs from her debut album bitter. bitter was a huge hit with fans as shortly because it is born, debuting at No. one on Billboard's two hundred charts and cementing Olivia's bequest within the break-up anthem hall of fame. (Can we tend to get a touch commotion for 'Drivers License' and 'Good four U' puh-lease?) However, expensive readers, some TikTok users have currently deduced that there could also be some Swift-level easter eggs lurking within the bitter promotional campaign that might hint at a potential sister album referred to as Sweet. The evidence? A batch of suppressed songs and therefore the edition Olivia Rodrigo x bitter Patch youngsters collab.

Olivia Rodrigo Sweet album: All the theories explained
Olivia Rodrigo Sweet album: All the theories explained. Picture: Interscope Records, @oliviarodrigo via Instagram
So, what is going on then? however, have the TikTok sleuths return to the conclusion that another Olivia Rodrigo album is presumably on the way? And why is it rumored to be referred to as Sweet? Let's investigate... The theory initially started over on TikTok, once @codyjohnathan discerned that none of the love songs that Olivia has excited on social media over the past year approximately were enclosed on bitter. Of course, that produces total sense given the total 'heartbreak' theme of the album. Olivia conjointly antecedently explained that she set to stay with the sorrow theme and keep those love songs within the vault for one more record. Another record that some individuals suppose we tend toll is coming back prior to we thought...


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As for the name Sweet? Well, except for obvious clarification that it is the opposite of bitter, Olivia antecedently explained that she worshipped the concept of "something extremely sweet and marvelous simply going awfully wrong." The suppressed love songs might work into that narrative, like a prequel or a sequel to bitter.

Then there is the bitter Patch children collab. Olivia teamed up with bitter Patch children for an edition box to celebrate the discharge of her album bitter. coincidently, the expression for bitter Patch children is 'Sour then Sweet'.

Olivia dropping bitter initially, and so following up with Sweet some months later? It will be, your honor.


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Olivia has already leaned into Taylor Swift's liking for an honest easter egg and a hidden reference, therefore it is simple to know why fans have return up with the Sweet theory.

Back in Apr, Olivia announces an image of herself in an exceeding cheerleader outfit, next to a faculty locker with the numbers '514' and '6' on that, aboard one emoji caption. Fans managed to rewrite the image, that clad to be track half-dozen from the album ('Good four U'), with might ordinal because they unleash date.

As way as clues go, it absolutely was a fairly straightforward one to crack. however currently that Olivia has entered the Easter Egg chat, fans are keeping an eye fixed out for completely everything.

On might twenty-fifth, Olivia's free live performance of 'Favorite Crime' with Vevo elevate on YouTube. within the performance, she Saturday on prime of a house with the quantity '1785'. Taking her recent discipline escapades under consideration, fans theorized that this might be a touch at another potential unleash date for brand new music. 1+7 = eight and 5+8 =13. 8/13? August thirteenth. that conjointly happens to be a Friday.

And there you've got it. whether or not or not Olivia can drop another album in 2021 remains to be seen, however, once she eventually decides to unharness those love songs she has got stashed away within the vault... it's going to be over for North American country all.