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Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Her Desire To Fall In Love Once More

 Jennifer Aniston Admits She Wants To Be In Love Again

Jennifer Aniston Admits She Wants To Be In Love Again
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston may be one of America's most attractive bachelorettes right now. While the actress has been in love on several occasions, she has also spent significant periods of her life alone, and she appears to be comfortable with it.

While Jennifer has stated that she is open to love once more, she has also stated that she would never consider signing up for an app. That makes a great deal of sense. People might suspect that someone is catfishing as the megastar, but she loves to meet people in an old-fashioned manner.

Jennifer Aniston Admits She Wants To Be In Love Again But Not Through Dating Apps
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

According to Entertainment Tonight, she told People magazine, "I'm going to stick to the usual means of dating." "Having someone approach you and ask you out. That's how I'd love it to be."

She probably prefers to meet individuals in person or have a friend provide a recommendation. It's admirable that she's not even considering creating an OkCupid profile.

Jennifer attempted marriage twice, once in 2000 with Brad Pitt and again in 2015 with Justin Theroux. Fans were perplexed when Jennifer and Justin announced their breakup in 2017. They appeared to be the ideal couple on paper. However, it was reported that distance was a major factor in why it didn't last. Justin was said to prefer living on the East Coast, while Jennifer was content in Los Angeles. But that wasn't the only reason, according to Justin. He does, however, maintain communication with his ex-girlfriend.

He told Esquire, "Like it or not, we didn't have that dramatic separation, and we love each other." "When I say that I value our friendship, I mean it. We can't be together and still bring joy and friendship to each other. She also makes me laugh hysterically."

Jennifer stated that all she wants is a great mate. Marriage, on the other hand, isn't required. She doesn't require the relationship "carved in stone in legal documents," as she put it. She is, however, on the lookout for someone who will balance out her brilliant personality.

To understand more about what Jennifer Aniston has said about her love life, watch the video.