Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are all in on giving their union a second shot

 Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Telling Friends They're Officially A Couple Once Again

Sources close to the two are opening up about the fact that they absolutely consider themselves a couple.

"Jennifer Lopez and Ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they're together," the source says.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are all in on giving their union a second shot.
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"When they initial reconnected, they'd to visualize if the spark was still there as a result of it had been a minute. It was, thus currently they're each absolutely in it."

Various photos of the 2 that have emerged might build it appear as if that is been fun and joyous, however, the 2 are obtaining real concerning their past.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben have "talked concerning the past and why things did not total," the supply shares.

"They square measure each hopeful concerning their relationship now around and putt the trouble in. they need each matured and square measure on the constant page and it's been simple."

It's been an extremely exciting and sudden flip of events for each of them. "Jen is elated and extremely trusts mountain," the supply noted.

"Ben is a lot of ancient and low-keyed in his values and Jen is into that. She likes that they'll prolong dates and rejoice. She conjointly thinks that mountain is extraordinarily good and contains a heap of nice input."

That said, Jennifer's relationship with Alex Rodriguez has modified her perspective on mixture business and pleasure, a stance mountain agrees on.

"Jennifer Lopez and Ben were forever financed along and mixture business with their relationship and mountain is a smaller amount into that," the supply aforementioned.

"They square measure simply genuinely enjoying every other's company and having an excellent time. Jen is extremely substantiative of the mountain and his career, however, she is additionally connected, in and has her own life."