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Paris Jackson PTSD

 Paris Jackson reveals that being harassed by paparazzi has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and hallucinations.

Paris Jackson PTSD
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Paris Jackson has piqued public interest since her birth. Fans have often wondered what it was like growing up as Michael Jackson's only kid. It was a mystery for many because Michael tried his hardest to keep his three children out of the spotlight when they were younger. However, Paris claims that she had a wonderful childhood.

When Paris's father died, she was just 11 years old. While his death was heartbreaking for his children and family, it also meant that Paris was one step closer to being self-sufficient. She made the decision to accept the spotlight when she reached 18. However, because she was such a public figure, the paparazzi's actions had a significant impact.

Paris chose to be born to the King of Pop, but she did not want to have a public existence. As a result, when she reached adulthood, the number of paparazzi was undoubtedly scary.

During an appearance on the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, Paris discussed how attention has affected her health. "I have extreme paranoia and auditory hallucinations, and I've been going to therapy for a variety of things, but that included," she told Willow Smith, according to People. "I'll quiver in fear when I hear a trash bag rustling."

"I think it's standard PTSD," she added. This isn't the first time she's spoken openly about her post-traumatic stress disorder. After Paris Hilton spoke up about the horrors and abuse she endured as a youngster at a boarding school, she made it clear that she stood by her friend and helped to validate her ordeal. It serves as a reminder that celebrities, like everyone else, have suffered severe issues throughout their lives, many of which they are still dealing with now.

In the instance of Paris, it also serves as a reminder of how many celebrities are compelled to cross personal boundaries due to the actions of others. While many celebrities have embraced the paparazzi or seek to exploit them for personal advantage, others have a difficult time dealing with unwelcome attention.

Many individuals believe that celebrities "signed up" for the possibility of being harassed, followed, and even stalked. While notoriety is a part of their jobs, that doesn't imply they don't have a personal life. Paris has attended numerous celebrity events and performed numerous public appearances, yet her phobia of sound indicates that her level of comfort has been impaired on several occasions.

Paris Hilton's previous anecdote struck a chord with Paris Jackson, who allegedly had a similar experience at one point. "I stand with @ParisHilton and the other survivors," she said, according to People. "As a girl who also went to a behavior modification 'boarding school' for almost two years as a teenager, and has since been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of it, and continues to have nightmares and trust issues, I stand with @ParisHilton and the other survivors."

The public's knowledge of Paris Jackson's youth was often limited to snippets captured by paparazzi. Because Michael strove so hard to provide a regular life for his children, the press often made do with what they had. Paris claims that her father rarely kept her in one location. The family was prone to uprooting and traveling throughout the globe.

"I was born in Los Angeles, California, and was raised everywhere but," she said on Naomi Campbell's No Filter interview show. "We lived in the Santa Barbara region for a few years. I grew up in a variety of places, including the East Coast, the South, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Middle East, as we all did."

Paris Jackson Reveals Being Harassed By Paparazzi Has Given Her PTSD, Hallucinations
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Her father, she claims, worked hard to instill in them a sense of culture, but not entitlement. "My father was extremely wonderful at making sure we were educated and cultured, rather than just giving us the glitz and glam, like hotel hopping and five-star locations," she said. "It was also as if we could see everything. We visited countries in the developing globe. We observed people from all walks of life."

While traveling with an international pop singer may appear to be a wonderful trip and opportunity to learn about life, it's crucial to note that the experiences are slightly different. Despite the fact that Michael had enough money to purchase his children whatever they desired, he made an effort to instill in them the importance of hard work. Paris is well aware that she is not entitled any roles or gigs as a result of her father's actions.

Michael is well-known for forcing his children to wear masks in public to hide their identity. However, such an act was considered strange at the time. Many followers felt entitled to see Paris' face and understand more about her upbringing when she was a child. Celebrity children nowadays are afforded greater privacy. Paris was also homeschooled until she was 12 years old in order to maintain her anonymity.


While Michael's intentions were genuine, it's likely that they backfired in some way. People's interest in Michael's children never waned as a result of the media attention and turmoil around him. Plus, since their father died and they became the three most important links in his life, it was certainly a major leap for the three of them. It's possible that's why Paris' younger brother, Bigi (formerly known as Blanket), has kept a quiet profile.

It's great that Paris feels comfortable talking about her personal experiences and background. It's also a good reminder for folks to keep their distance from celebrity kids, especially if they're not looking for attention right now. Paris is also really brave to speak about her PTSD, which can strike anyone at any age. The more it's talked about in public, the more normalized and accepted it becomes.