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The escort ticket for Jeff was sold for $28 million!

 Jeff Bezos escort ticket sold for $28 million!

Jeff Bezos escort ticket sold for $28 million!

Jeff Bezos' announcement in the past few days has sparked debate in technical and global circles after he stated his intention to make the first tourist and a commercial trip to space, to realize a long-held dream and propel the global technology industry forward, and today it was reported about a stone. On this historic flight, there are only two seats left.

And Blue Origin, a space company affiliated with businessman and world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, announced the completion of procedures for selling one of the two seats that will accompany Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark Bezos on a commercial and tourist trip to space, and the company said that the third seat was sold in a public auction for $28 million, noting that 7,600 participants in 159 countries entered a competition for this seat, but the company did not announce the winner of the auction who won the third seat, nor the fourth participant who will accompany the group, and Blue 

Blue Origine

And, as we previously reported, Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, stated on the 7th of this month that he would fly into space for the first time on The New Shepard, a rocket ship developed by his space company Blue Origin, with a flight date set. Jeff Bezos will be joined on this space journey by his younger brother, "Mark Bezos," on July 20, barely 15 days after resigning as CEO of Amazon.

“I have dreamed of traveling to space since I was five years old,” Jeff Bezos wrote on his Instagram account in response to this trip. “I'm going on this trip with my brother on July 20. My best friend and I embarked on the greatest adventure.” A third New Shepard and Spaceflight ticket, in addition to Jeff and Mark Bezos, was up for auction. Before it was settled, this was the first manned flight for Blue Origin's New Shepard spaceship.