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Jack Dylan Grazer opened up about his sexuality

 Luca Star Jack Dylan Grazer Comes Out as Bisexual

Jack Dylan Grazer opened up about his sexuality in an Instagram Live video
Jack Dylan Grazer comes out as bisexual and uses he/they pronouns. Picture: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Newscom/Alamy Live News, @jackdgrazer via Instagram

Jack Dylan Grazer, best known for his appearances in IT, We Are Who We Are, and Luca has just revealed that he is bisexual.

In a live video on Instagram last week (July 1), Jack Dylan Grazer discussed his sexuality. When someone questioned him directly, "Are you gay?" the 17-year-old actor was responding to fan questions. Rather than dismissing the suggestion, Jack merely smiled and said, "I'm bi." "Silenzio. Bruno!" he exclaimed, quoting his Luca character.

Fans also observed that shortly after the Instagram Live video concluded, Jack changed his pronouns to "he/they" on Instagram.

Grazer plays Alberto, a shape-shifting marine monster who transforms into a human on dry land, in Luca. He longs to explore the human world of Portorosso, Italy, with his companion Luca, played by Jacob Tremblay, in the hopes of owning a Vespa.

When the Disney and Pixar film premiered on Disney+ last month, fans fell in love with the two right away, with many comparing the storyline to an LGBTQ coming-of-age story.

However, director Enrico Casarosa earlier told Yahoo! Entertainment that the film "is all about platonic relations," and in an interview with CinemaBlend, Grazer confirmed those comments.

"No, there's no Call Me By Your Name in there," he remarked, referring to the 2017 film about two Italian men's love tale. "They're acquaintances. Luca and Alberto are pals."

Glazer did say, though, that in a prospective Luca sequel, it would "be wonderful if we got back together and fell in love," when told how viewers couldn't help but link the plotline to that of an LGBTQ romance.