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Pink proposes to cover fines imposed on Norwegian handball teams

 Pink Offers To Cover Norwegian Handball Team's Fines

Pink proposes to cover fines imposed on Norwegian handball teams
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Pink is willing to put her money where her mouth is. After learning that the Norwegian women's beach handball team would be punished for wearing shorts — as their male counterparts are permitted to do during competition — rather than bikini bottoms, she stood forward and declared she would cover the costs for the ladies.

Pink proposes to cover fines imposed on Norwegian handball teams

Pink shared a photo of both the women's and men's Norwegian beach handball teams together over the weekend. The men's outfits are tank tops and shorts, while the women are in midriff-baring bikinis. We can see why the females were upset about how the dress code differed between the two groups, especially because they aren't allowed to wear shorts according to the official guidelines.

However, during a weekend match, the women fought back by wearing shorts instead of the obligatory bikini bottoms, which resulted in fines (and plenty of outrage from people all over the world).

Pink was proud to stand up against the sexist rule.

Pink volunteered to pay the fines, which are believed to be $1,770, or $177 per player in US currency, in a tweet about the incident and proposed that the governing European handball federation should instead be required to pay.

She tweeted, "The European Handball Federation should be penalized for sexism." "Ladies, you're doing great. I'll gladly pay your fines for you. Continue to do so."

Though they didn't say if they planned to accept Pink's offer, they did express gratitude for the favorable response to their protest.

"Thank you so much for all of your support," they said in an emoji-heavy post. "We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support."

The crew is dressed in a mix of blue and white sports tops in the photo. All of the women in the photo appear to be wearing red cycle shorts.

Pink wasn't the only one offering to cover the fine

According to the BBC, Norway's Handball Federation, or NHF, declared that it was fully supportive of the women's team's decision to wear shorts instead of bathing suits and that it would cover any fines incurred as a result.

"We are really proud of these girls who raised their voices and said enough is enough during the European Championships," the NHF said in a statement. "We at NHF are rooting for you and supporting you. We will continue to push together to change the attire rules so that people can play in any clothes they like."

It appears that these women have a lot of support, which we hope contributes to rule modifications.

And now, with their protest capturing the attention of celebrities like Pink who are speaking out about sexist policies in sports, hopefully, other female athletes won't have to risk their careers (or face fines) to wear what they want while playing in their favorite sport.