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Billie Eilish Slamming Body Shamers & Sexism


Billie Eilish Slamming Body Shamers & Sexism
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Spotify)

Fans probably think of Billie Eilish as a self-assured girl whose great music career has allowed her to live the life that every kid dreams of. Billie's mental state, on the other hand, has been in chaos, according to her. The 19-year-old, who recently released her sophomore album Happier Than Ever, spoke to the Guardian about her struggles with body image issues, body shamers, and misogyny in the music industry.

The singer has long been recognized for her wardrobe choices, often wearing big blouses and baggy leggings either performing or out and about. She reveals that she has made these fashion decisions on purpose throughout the years in order to avoid others from commenting on her appearance, which has left her with a lot to unpack in terms of how she sees herself.

"When I'm on stage, I have to dissociate from my body images," Billie remarked. "This is especially true when I wear clothes that are larger and easier to move in without revealing everything – they can be incredibly unattractive."

She explains that she needs to remove herself from her perception of how her body should look because she has a "bad relationship" with her body. It's difficult to think that someone as confident as Billie is struggling with these challenges, but we appreciate that she's being candid about it with her young followers.

Billie appears to be conscious of how her body image concerns appear to contradict the rest of her devil-may-care attitude, and she believes the whole focus on bodies is bizarre, to begin with, observing that "we just need bodies to eat, walk around, and crap."

She goes on to say that we just need our bodies for survival, implying that how they look shouldn't be an issue. "It's absurd that anyone worries about bodies at all. Why, for example? Why should we care? When you think about it, you know?"

She makes an excellent point: our bodies work hard to allow us to perform the things we want and need to do, so why cares how they appear in the process?

During her interview, she recalled having chats with her father about other people's fears, noting how they could be seen in the way they moved or held themselves while out in public.

"If you're always standing a certain way, walking a certain way, and have your hair just so... It's such a loss to always attempt to appear beautiful," she explained. "You've lost so much joy and freedom in your body."

She also addresses some of these issues in her music, addressing everything from body shamers to sexism. With songs like, "I don't relate to you, no/'Cause I'd never treat me like s——y," her album Happier Than Ever appears to be a retaliation against both the press and an ex.

Girl, sing it. In the song "Not My Responsibility," she chastised the paparazzi and online trolls for their obsession with her appearance.

Fans know Billie has nothing against celebrities who want to change their appearances to feel better about themselves — she frequently colors her hair and wears fake nails — but she does have an issue when these celebrities lie about the process.

"It's perfectly OK to work — do this, do that, do whatever makes you happy," she stated. "It's only when you deny it and say, 'Oh, I got this all by myself, and if you just tried harder, you could have it.' That literally enrages me."

We tend to agree, which is why we appreciate it when celebrities are candid about any work they've had done — look at you, Koko.

No, we're not all megastars like Billie Eilish, but we've all been in her shoes. Especially now, when we are constantly scrutinizing every element of our own life thanks to 24/7 social media and photo filters. "I'm really satisfied with my life, and I'm quite confident in who I am... I'm definitely dissatisfied with my body "Billie stated. "But who exactly is it?"

We hope that by sharing her story, Billie might assist others who are experiencing the same way realize they are not alone, especially her younger followers. We also hope that telling her tale would help her deal with her own issues. Thank you very much, Billie.