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Brie Larson shows her abs in her latest Instagram post

 Brie Larson shows her abs in her latest Instagram post

Brie Larson shows her abs in latest Instagram post
brie Larson/Instagram

After wearing an Annie Bing sports bra and matching leggings set to a charity event, the 31-year-old Brie Larson actress took to Instagram to share two images of herself smiling and flaunting her amazing abs.

"I thought that was adorable, but I may remove it later. Alternatively, I may regret having learned so much from the comedic genius @melissamccarthy on regrets for the @learninglotspodcast. Do you have any regrets, guys? "she wrote the caption for the picture.

Celebrity friends and fans were in awe of the Captain Marvel star's killer abs. "Abs crazy," LaKeith Stanfield said. "So she made you laugh so hard & that’s why your abs are fire?" a fan wondered. "Oh Captain my Captain! Brieeeeee you look FABBBB," another person praised. "Regretting that I don’t have those washboard ABS," a commenter added. "I CAN’T HANDLE YOUR CUTENESS," someone continued.

In preparation for the next sequel to the Captain Marvel film franchise, Larson has published many Instagram pictures showing off her intense workout regimen. She may be seen doing planks while carrying a 45-pound weight on her back in a video. In another, she used a resistance band to do pushups. "How many pieces of exercise equipment does it need to become a superhero? Each and every one of them." Larson wrote the text for the video's captions.

While talking about how portraying Carol Danvers has "transformed me on a molecular level," the actress revealed that playing Carol Danvers has given her more confidence.

She said that she "was not the same person as I was before." "When you conquer a challenge, you begin to see our limitless potential, and that's been contagious to me... Since then, I've gained a newfound knowledge and confidence in my abilities, and I know I'm capable of much more than I had previously imagined."
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